Letra de Megadeth – She-wolf

Album: Cryptic Writings
Canción: She-wolf
Letra de la canción:
The mother of all that is evil
Her lips are poisonous venom
Wicked temptress knows how to please
The priestess roars, “Get down on your knees”

The rite of the praying mantis
Kiss the bones of the enchantress
Spellbound searching through the night
A howling man surrenders the fight

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Videos de Megadeth – Symphony of destruction

Symphony of destruction es el primer single del disco Countdown to Extinction y undécimo single de la banda de Thrash Metal, Megadeth. Además una de sus canciones más conocidas y coreadas. Fue escrita por Dave Mustaine (vocalista) y producida por Max Norman y Mustaine.

Imagen de previsualización de YouTube
Letra de Symphony of destruction de megadeth en www.videosymusica.info

Dave mustaine
You take a mortal man,
and put him in control
watch him become a god,
watch peoples heads a’roll
just like the pied piper
led rats through the streets
we dance like marionettes,
swaying to the symphony…
of destruction
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