Videos de Megadeth – Symphony of destruction

Symphony of destruction es el primer single del disco Countdown to Extinction y undécimo single de la banda de Thrash Metal, Megadeth. Además una de sus canciones más conocidas y coreadas. Fue escrita por Dave Mustaine (vocalista) y producida por Max Norman y Mustaine.

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Dave mustaine
You take a mortal man,
and put him in control
watch him become a god,
watch peoples heads a’roll
just like the pied piper
led rats through the streets
we dance like marionettes,
swaying to the symphony…
of destruction

Acting like a robot,
its metal brain corrodes
you try to take its pulse,
before the head explodes
solo – marty
The earth starts to rumble
world powers fall
a’warring for the heavens,
a peaceful man stands tall

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