Videos de Cypress Hill – Rise Up, feat. Tom Morello

Nueva canción, Rise Up de la banda de rap “Cypress hill” presentando al guitarrista de Audioslave “Tom Morello“.

Imagen de previsualización de YouTube

Letra o Lyric Rise Up – Cypress Hill feat Tom Morello

Living in the big city
The American dream
Is far roaming in the streets of greed
Everywhere I turn Im on a mission for more
But I aint selling my soul
With the dope theres no girl
Im on a one way box to the top
Hitting the strip but got a sound that would rally the block
Im in the fast lane and I wont stop
You aint nothing but talk
You Couldnt hang on the rope by ball
This life that I live
It aint for the weak
Got my roddy gangster that came off the street
Im trying to keep the peace
but I gotta keep my pace
Got these drunk police
Want me

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